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7 Basic Steps to Get Through a Divorce Successfully

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Book summary

Manual for Divorcee

This book is for women who want to get strong again and get through the crisis of divorce.

One of the main objectives is that both they and those around them can face this stage of life successfully overcoming it, finding the internal tools that lead them to empower themselves and succeed.

It is time to discover every skill we have in order to find balance again in all areas of a woman’s life after a breakup such as divorce, and through this book you will find the tools to rebuild your life according to the desires you have. have for you and your family at the time you read it.

Throughout each chapter, you will be able step by step to restore each area that has been injured during the emotional breakup and at the end of each one find a work plan to help you achieve your goals and purposes in the spiritual, emotional, family, social, financial, work and physical, so that you move forward and overcome the divorce.

Enriched with examples from real-life women—including some from the author—you will be able to realize that the difficulties of those difficult moments are transitory and you will know how to face each one in the right way according to your own dreams and goals for success. be able to grow

To acquire your copy of the book in physical format you can look for it in the main Colombian bookstores.

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