Tatiana Castro



How does it work?

Coaching originally became known as a tool used to advise and guide executives of large companies. However, today, we can have at our fingertips the contributions of this valuable perspective to apply it to all areas, classes, and genres. And of course, we can use Coaching to facilitate, and provide quality, to our work life, as well as, personal.

Executive Coaching is aimed at businessmen and businesswomen and organizational leaders who want to further improve their ability to lead people and teams, accompanying them during the process of Coaching sessions so that they develop their skills adequately to achieve expansive management instead of performance limitation.

Individual Coaching

It is carried out individually to help the leader find during the process that pursues the maximum professional and personal development and is carried out in an optimal and correct way to achieve a profound transformation of the individual who receives it and thus achieve in their work performance. a positive impact so that its management also affects its collaborators.

Grupal Coaching

It is aimed at guiding a team or area within the framework of a company to provide support to groups so that the development of their internal and external dynamics allows them to achieve and exceed their objectives.

These group workshops are, in short, an invitation to open new doors that until now we did not believe could be opened, or sometimes, we had not even imagined that they existed to achieve the growth we want to achieve.

During them, they seek to develop human potential by helping those who attend to transform their dreams and desires into palpable objectives to gain confidence and empowerment, whether in the Managerial or Personal area.

Just as in the individual conferences, these can contain a mixture of conferences and dynamics related to the various topics of Strategic Management, Motivation and Self-esteem or Personal Relations, depending on the needs of the participants.


Individual Coaching is carried out with the leader or entrepreneur in individual sessions.

Group Coaching will be made up of a maximum number of 70 people and is carried out through workshops.

In an open session, the workshop lasts 16 hours, (two continuous days), these can be distributed in modules of four executable hours according to the possibilities of the organization or group.