Tatiana Castro



How is it work?

The conferences are focused on helping to develop effective habits to live a fuller and healthier life in the business, motivational and interpersonal spheres.

Its portfolio includes: Strategic Management, Digital Marketing & Branding, Blockchain & Cryptoactives.

Presentation format: 2-hour lectures

Estrategy Management

Effective Communication: Aimed at companies wishing to improve business relationships and increase their income. Through this conference, we seek to rescue the value of interpersonal relationships both within the organization with employers and employees so that both feel a real commitment to their work and also build lasting relationships with their clients.

Maximum Performance: Aimed at companies and individuals interested in improving their finances and achieving effective strategic planning. This conference identifies the main difficulties that can generate economic losses within a company, whether it is a micro-enterprise, a family business or an expanding SME, to develop the ability to manage and plan a successful budget in order to eradicate leaks that do not allow an increase in capital through effective financial planning models.

Marketing Digital
& Branding

It is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their ability to achieve objectives and goals through activating social networks by learning to create effective marketing campaigns with the indicated strategies and segmentation to reach the right customers in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and thus potentiate their businesses, taking their brands anywhere in the world while becoming aware of the influence that every human being has and will learn to exercise it successfully to consolidate projects in their lives, developing the branding of their company or of themselves as much as possible.

Blockchain &
Crypto Assets

Aimed at anyone who is of legal age. This conference seeks to empower each person by introducing them to the digital world by teaching them the basic components of it, such as blockchain technology, the definition of cryptocurrencies, their usability, benefits of the digital age and how to take advantage of it today.