Tatiana Castro



How does it work?

An intuitive coach is a professional coach who follows the same principles and teachings of traditional coaching, such as setting goals, working on habits and beliefs, but the difference is that intuitive coaches encourage you to connect with the deepest parts of yourself. itself, guide you through your intuition and help you harness the power of divine energy that we all feel the presence of.

Energy training

The laws of the universe are the key elements involved in the practice of intuitive coaching; indicate that everything around us is energy. Therefore, this means that we, as human beings, also vibrate with energy, but at different levels of frequency, depending on the emotions we are feeling.

As Albert Einstein once said: “Everything is a vibration.” An intuitive coach makes you aware of your own energy fields and works with you to shift your emotional states so that you are realigned with the source of energy: unlimited and unconditional love which, in turn, creates harmony in your life.

Law of attraction

One of the laws of the universe is the law of attraction: ‘like attracts like’, which in practice means that what we give comes back to us. If we radiate positive energy, we will experience events of a similar vibration. If we radiate a negative one, we will see more negative things happening around us and during intuitive coaching sessions the goal is that the coachee learnes to achieve a higher deegre of self improovement, peace and joy.

Your higher purpose

People often come to coaching sessions to connect with their higher purpose. Your higher purpose represents living a meaningful life, one that connects with your core values and ultimately fulfills you. You may already know what your higher purpose is, but different energies such as limiting beliefs and negative actions present blockages that prevent you from connecting with it.