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This book helps us find the true champion in us as it leads us to discover the tools we have within us to maximize our potential and thus achieve goals and dreams that have been elusive in the past.

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A Champion´s DNA

#1 Best Seller with the Spanish translation “ADN De Un Campeón”.

Basic Coaching principles to maximize your potential and reach your goals successfully.

A Champion´s DNA leads us to discover how to use the tools that we have inside to maximize our potential and thus achieve the goals and dreams that have been elusive in the past.

In each chapter you will find ways to know yourself and become the human being that you´re designed to be, acquiring new skills that you can practice in your daily living to enjoy life in a healthier and full way.

This book will help you find out what are the aspectsthat have blocked your process of personal realization, offering also the strategies that you can use to move towards a full and happy life.

It is enriched with stories of real life cases of people, including the author herself, who managed to overcome her problems after putting all her trust in God and believing are transitory and are opportunities to grow.

Buy it now and become the champion that you´re esign to be.

Throughout the pages of A Champion´s DNA you will be able to find yourself again from a different perspective in which you begin to see yourself with the greatness that is necessary in you to be able to concretize the vision you have.

You can find the book at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, El Corte Inglés both in digital format and in printed book as well as in more than 104  bookstores in Colombia, Panamá, Chile and Miami, so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home and grow like you never dreamed of before.


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