Tatiana Castro



Today she is a speaker, businesswoman, trader, digital investment advisor, author of two bestsellers, ADN De Un Campeón and Manual Para Divorciadas, and of the “Build Your Millionaire Empire” Series, which includes Purposeful Millionaire, Reborn of A Titan, Manage Your Finances and From Zero To Millionaire. She was also the host of various television programs such as: Con M De Mujer on TV Azteca México, Coaching Con Tatiana, Despierta Colombia and Un Mundo De Belleza on Canal Uno and Caracol Televisión. She has more than 50 covers of magazines and newspapers such as El Tiempo, El Espectador, Semana Magazine, Aló Magazine, Vanidades Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Cromos Magazine, Jet Set Magazine and Gente Magazine due to her professional performance.

She also served as a spiritual and life coach and leader at the Charity Foundation “El Redil” for eight years in Colombia offering support to companies and families to develop healthy habits, such as improoved self-esteem and better interpersonal relationships, increased finances, and proper business management so that they could increase their positive influence in society.


After discovering the benefits of the digital age, high-return investments and the decentralized economy related to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, she has been giving conferences and seminars since 2017 to help attendees develop skills to increase their ability to make smart investments and likewise acquire the necessary skills to increase their economic production and achieve financial freedom.

She also has several online courses to teach others to multiply their finances using tools to leverage.

Tatiana has reached high ranks and positions in the companies in which she has worked, committing herself to the financial growth of her organization, reaching up to 35,000 people in her work teams around the world where she empowers others to maximize their potential and discover the path to financial freedom.

Today she is a Coach in high-yield investments related to different assets, helping others overcome the limiting barriers in their economic area to live the life they have always dreamed of.

Certified as a Management and Business Coach from La Universidad de la Sabana, as a Life Coach from Coaching Hall International and a former  active member for many years in the ICF (International Coaching Federation) , certified Family Constellator at the Gestalt Institute of Barcelona, trained by Joan Garriga and from the Institute Inconsfa of Madrid, trained by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes as well as a TRE therapist. Tatiana serves others by combining her work as a businesswoman while providing tools to achieve a right mindset with these alternative therapies with the firm conviction that both the spiritual and the material are important to maintain the proper balance in life.

With more than 36 awards, including two of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, others by the Mayor's Office of Santa Fé de Bogotá, the Senate of the Republic of Colombia, the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia and the Junior Chamber of Colombia.