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Course summary

Ecommerce Premium

During this course of pre-recorded modules you will learn from scratch how to create your online store with Shopify to distribute your products from anywhere in the world and to any city without inventory stock and at a minimum cost.

You will create a business in which you will be your own boss and with which you will invoice at all times, even while you sleep.

I will also teach you how to find your ideal logo and name to reach your desired target and how to develop a business that you can promote online on various platforms, having sales channels on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and your own payment button.

You will understand how to locate the Facebook pixel and the creation of digital ads that position your brand.

Lifetime access to the course and the support group to receive support when you need it.


1. Creation of the ideal name.

2. Domain purchase.

3. Various design options for the logo.

4. Creation, design and adjustments of the online store with Shopify.

5. Structuring of legal policies, payment providers, of the Shopify store.

6. Creation of dropshipping.

7. Email list to retrieve leads.

8. Repurchase of products from current customers.

9. Sales without inventory.

10. Structuring of Facebook Bussines and creation of business page on Facebook.

11. Measurement of sales conversions with Facebook Pixel.

12. Sales channels on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Ebay and own payment button.

13. Options for creating Facebook Ads according to the desired objectives.

14. Winning Product Search Options.